Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K Android LED TV Helpful Review

There is a new flagship on the LED TV and we are all excited to put our first impression about this model. The new flagship belongs to Skyworth Premium UHD 4K Android TV and today we'll be reviewing 55UB7500.

Product Description
Screen Size: 55-inch
Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160(UHD,4K)
Panel Type: 4K IPS
Digital TV: ISDB-T

Skyworth 55UB7500 Android Operating System

The all new Skyworth 55UB7500  comes powered by an Android Operating System Version 8.0.0 to compliment it's key features so user make out of it.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Design

Before anything else, we will start with it's appearance since it was the first thing people have appreciate. 

Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K TV comes with an infinity Screen, while the design is sleek and simple. With 55UB7500 infinity design you can watch ENDLESS TV shows, series and movies on Netflix. Without anyone stopping you!

The Skyworth logo is perfectly place at the center of the 55UB7500 bottom frame while the sleek frame runs along the sides and the top of Skyworth UHD TV.

Look all the way down below, Skyworth chose a pair of correspondingly styled legs to amp up the look of 55UB7500 UHD 4K TV and to make it sit pretty low on whatever surface you place it.

Overall, the Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K TV add an expressive style to your living room with it's sleek and infinity design. Furthermore, it's thin and light weight body bring a facts that Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K TV is really easy to setup.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Picture Quality

After the design, let's dive into Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K LED TV. As expected of being a UHD and 4K TV, this model offers a 3840 x 2160 resolution which is superb when viewing Full High Definition (Full HD) content. 

To make it more exciting, Skyworth 55UB7500 will able deliver great picture if you have a Blu-Ray player, stream a high resolution content, or have a next generation console to make the most out of it, thanks to it's 350 nit brightness and 1200:1 contrast ratio making all them possible.

Overall, picture quality wise the Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K TV will deliver vibrant and superb image quality compared to the price you’ll be paying for this TV.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Sound Quality

After a vibrant and superb image quality, the sound of this Skyworth 55UB7500 UHD TV is indeed solid. Comes with two 10 watt down firing speaker that deliver crisp, clear and rich sound. Thanks to Dolby Tru Surround sound.

Overall, Skyworth 55UB7500 Sound Quality is just right. Highly recommended to add an external speaker system making you experience richer sound quality.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Features

Here, we will quickly go through all the features that the TV has to offer us. Check the list below.
Skyworth 4K UHD Smart TV for a nice, clear and vibrant picture quality
  • Netrange App store
  • Smart Plus technology for faster Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Multiple Interfaces for multiple connectivity options.
  • If you looking for the local release of Microsoft’s Xbox One S or Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, then 55UB7500 is a good option to consider.
  • Google Chromecast option for you to navigate your mobile contents to your TV without any fuss.
  • With this TV, you can say a big yes to Timeshift recording.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium 4K UHD Android TV Connectivity

We've been finish it's physical appearance, picture quality, sound quality, known it's feature now let's go tackle Skyworth 55UB7500 connectivity. 

As expected being a Premium 4K UHD Android TV, Skyworth 55UB7500 shall comes with complete ports and virtual port to connect to and connect from. So what a Skyworth 55UB7500 come to offer?

Wi-Fi - use to connect wirelessly to the internet or by peer to peer connectivity such as casting or mirroring.

Bluetooth - this feature will allow user to wirelessly connected to speaker system, game pad, and remote. However, don't expect your TV to work with mobile phone speaker when connected on Bluetooth.

Ethernet LAN - this port allow you to connect to internet using UTP Cable and RJ-45. Nothing special with it I guess!  

Optical Audio Out - this feature send digital audio signals from 55UB7500 to your speaker system. It supports stereo audio and Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 multi channel.

3 HDMI Port - proprietary audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from an HDMI-compliant source device, such as a display controller, to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device.

1 USB 2.0 - usually use for viewing content from USB 2.0 but the real use case of this port is for LED TV Update.

1 USB 3.0 - an upgraded version of USB 2.0 and usually for viewing content such as movies, music, picture and text documents.

1 RF IN - this device will able to received both Digital and Analog broadcast. Since, digital is the future, 55UB7500 is perfect to catch up such future update in my opinion.

1 3.5 mm Headphone Jack - allow you to send analog signal to analog speaker system. It's somehow obsolete but still retain.

Overall, Skyworth Premium 4K UHD Android TV comes with complete port you need for your entertaiment requirements. Perfect!

55UB7500 Warranty & Support

For Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium 4K UHD Android TV, Skyworth Philippines Corporation have offer 2 years limited warranty and 30 days replacement. Please read about Skyworth warranty policy and the complete List of Authorized Service Center. If you have questions and other clarifications about 55UB7500, just #AskSkyworth.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Price & Availability

The Skyworth 55UB7500 Premiun 4K UHD Android TV has a pocket pinch and if you want to buy one, it will available to all Skyworth authorized dealer nationwide.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Remote

Remote is not impressive, not user friendly and hard to use specially for elderly. However, if you don't want this remote you can any Skyworth Remote either Smart or Android. It will work and 100% compatible to your Skyworth 55UB7500 LED TV.

Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K Android TV Specification;

OS: Android Version 8.0.0
Design: Infinity Design / Full Screen Pro Tech.
Processor: AI PQ Processor
Graphics: AI AQ Engine
RAM: DDR3 2.5 GB
HDD: 16 GB Flash
AI Assistant: Google Assistant
Wireless Connectivity:
2.4G/5G WIFI
Chromecast built-in
DTS Tru-Surround
Dolby Digital™ Plus
Magnetic Loudspeaker
Sound Mode: Sandard, Sport, Movie, Music
Speaker: Down-firing 10 x 10W Speakers
Surround: Yes
Backlight System: Direct LED
Panel Type: 4K IPS
Screen Size – Diagonal: 55-inch
Display Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 (UHD 4K)
Viewing Angle: 89/89
Clear Motion Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 9.5ms
Brightness of Panel: 350 nit
Picture Mode: User/Standard/Sport/Vivid
Display Mode: auto, 16:9, 4:3, panorama, zoom, P2P
ISDB-T Receiving System - VHF177.143Mhz ~ 213.143 Mhz, UHF 473.143 Mhz~ 803.143Mhz
Analog TV (ATV) - 54 Mhz ~ 864 Mhz

Digital Audio Output: Optical
Audio Output: Composite
Market: Google Play

Video Color Systems: PAL M/N NTSC-M
Audio System: CVBS,L/R(Mono L) / Dolby Audio

Working Voltage: 110-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
Dimension Without Stand: 1226.7mm x 705.9mm x 91.3mm
Net Weight Without Stand: 10.9 Kilogram
RF Aerial Input: 75 ohm unbalanced
Language of OSD: Multiple Options

Skyworth 55UB7500 Mainboard

Open up the 4K UHD Android LED TV back cover and you will greet with it's integrated mainboard or mother. It's mainboard or motherboard looks tough that can withstand current fluctuation and other surge. Please refer to above image. 


  1. LED's backlight colors are white and Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LEDs. small smart tv

  2. This is a Skyworst kind of TV that don't deserve to be called Worthy but rather its a worst low quality rubbish SMART TV that easily breakdown after 1-1/2 years of slight usage. After updating the system, the LCD no longer display images but only numeric tabulations could be binary numbers in columns and then no available spare part to replace it upon sending to their authorize service center.


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