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Coocaa 55S6G Pro Max Software Update for a Random Discoloration

Figure 1: Display Discoloration This is regarding to the abnormal color of the screen or flickering display that is caused by the software bug " MP05 SA R5.1 ", and is currently affecting units here in the country. Affected units is as follows; 55S6G Pro Max There are two different ways on how to update the TV software of  Coocaa 55S6G Pro Max 4K Google TV , first method is an automatic update and the second method, is a manual update. Yet, both is by using USB Flash Disk Drive. However, the automatic method couldn't upgrade using the same version of the software. While the manual method will able to repeat it's upgrade using the same version of the software. Below are the tools needed for manual software update. Tools for Manual Update USB Flash Drive (FAT32) Coocaa 55S6G Pro Max Latest Software Update Step by step guide for Automatic Software Update Download the Coocaa 55S6G Pro Max  Latest Software Update here: