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Percentage and Analysis of Common LED TV Defect

Here are the complete list of common defect found on LED TV nowadays and it's percentage. This defect analysis come from an actual customers calls from 1 year record, July 2018 to present July 2019. The record translate that the main concern and defect for LED TV across the country in the year 2018 to 2019 is No Power which took 11.94% follow by Line of Screen 10.05%. Therefore as conclusion based on the record below, No Power translate to power supply defect while line on screen is panel or screen defect. For the complete list of LED TV defect please refer to the table below; Defect Percentage NO POWER 11.94% LINE ON SCREEN 10.05% VERTICAL LINE 3.48% AUTO OFF 2.49% DEADSET 2.39% NO DISPLAY W/ BACKLIGHT 2.39% AUTO SHUT OFF 2.19% HORIZONTAL LINE 2.09% DISCOLORATION 1.99% NO PICTURE W/ SOUND 1.89% CHECKING UNIT 1.79%