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What is the Android TV Box Compatible to Skyworth LED TV?

A few months ago, Smart TV users have experience inconvenience using YouTube applications as well as Netflix for AOSP variants across all brand of TV. This event leave a tons of un-answered question in the mind of the customer. Most of them vented out and express there anger to after sales department as well as on there favorite dealer. *** Check below for the compatible Android box for all Skyworth Smart and Basic TV. Updated as of February 02, 2024. or click this link to buy: Compatible Android Box for Skyworth TVs . So what is the cause of there event? Simply, the smart TV hardware doesn't support the new software update. The new software needed a higher hardware requirements that leads to mass deletion of pre-installed app. While in the case of AOSP Andriod smart TV, simply it's because AOSP doesn't have developer that working in the background. So what is the best recommendation to use YouTube and Netflix to Smart TV and AOSP Android TV? Before we get