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Coocaa TV Review: Things you need to know about Coocaa

Coocaa is a subsidiary or an extension of Skyworth, a Chinese brand that has gained popularity in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines online market for its very affordable TVs and appliances. Coocaa is the registered trademark of the television manufacturer Skyworth. Coocaa have a wide range of affordable and technologically enhanced televisions that makes them one of the top 6 TV manufacturers across the globe. Coocaa have a staff strength of more than 38,000 employees across the world out of which the majority work in the television manufacturing units. Apart from TV sets, Skyworth is also known to manufacture an array of electronic goods targeted to the household segment, digital receivers and electronic accessories for the car. Coocaa are backed by Chinese technology that enables them to manufacture technology enhanced television sets. We have a number of options for their customers to decide from. A few of their bestsellers are the android frame-less LED TV, 3