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How to Update the Coocaa 32S6G Software and Firmware?

  Needed Tools: 8GB or 16GB USB Flash Drive (Fat32) Coocaa 32S6G (1.06GB) How to update Coocaa 32S6G software? Download the Coocaa 32S6G software from provided link. Move the Coocaa 32S6G software into USB Flash root directory. Insert the USB Flash Drive containing software into USB port 2.0. Please refer to the image below; Plug-in the Coocaa 32S6G from power source. Please refer to the image below; The progress bar appears. Please refer to the image below; After the software update completed, bugs on the TV will be patched and it will work smoothly. It took a roughly 15 minutes to complete the update. Please watch the video above for more information. FAQS:  Q: What happened to the TV after the update? Ans: All bugs and code flaws will be fixed.   Q: How long will the update taking place? Ans: The complete update cycle is take roughly 30 minutes?   Q: I have a 4GB USB Flash, can I still used it? Ans:

Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 LED TV Review

The Coocaa Android 9 TV is finally here and being sold online. Coocaa 32S6G comes with a powerful quad core processor and a dedicated quad core GPU to deliver that deliver vivid and crisp content.  The photo above is the actual sample unit for Coocaa 32S6G which is subject to design change but the features will remains the same. For more information about Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 Review please follow this link.

Coocaa 32S6G Android 9: The Best and cheapest Android TV

Actual Image of Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 TV Android TVs has been around here in the Philippines since early 2014 but it usually made available for larger screen. So if you're looking for a secondary TV to be installed inside your room, then the Android 9 Coocaa 32S6G is perfectly fit for you. Did you know that the all new Coocaa 32S6G is already comes with the latest Android 9 operating system for TVs? Yes, and it will soon available to offer you a great deal. This is the answer to all customers asking question like "Do you have an available 32-inch Android TV to offer"? Finally, the Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 LED TV is here! Like them, I also can't wait to go over the best deal Coocaa 32S5G Android 9 LED TV has to offer this coming months after Covid-19 pandemic. Going to traditional appliances store in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic while cities and towns are placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) is truly frustrating knowing risk of getting the infection. So why