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Skyworth Philippines New TV Model Lineup 2024 for Everyone: Big Screens, Brighter Colors, and Smarter Than Ever

A tech giant Skyworth, one of a leading TV manufacturer, has unveiled its new Google TVs and it's making waves in the home entertainment scene with its brand-new lineup for 2024. The new models boast a range of impressive features, including larger screens, brighter colors, and smarter functionality. Whether you're a movie buff, a gamer, or simply someone who enjoys watching their favorite shows in style, there's a Skyworth Google TV to suit your needs and these are poised to become the centerpiece of any living room. Skyworth Philippines 2024 Flagship TV Features 100-inch QLED TV: The SUF958P is the star of the show, being the largest QLED Google TV in South Africa will soon arrived in Skyworth Philippines this coming summer. This behemoth of a television boasts a 100-inch screen with QLED technology for stunningly vivid colors and deep contrast. It also supports 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion, making it perfect for gamers and sports fans. OLED and Mini-LED options: