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  How to update Coocaa 32S3N Netflix Keys? Here is the step by step guide on how to update your Coocaa 32S3N. 1. Prepare USB Flash Drive (up to 16 GB). 2. Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32. 3. Download Coocaa 32S3N software (MstarUpgrade.bin) using this link Download Coocaa 32S3N Official Logo (boot0.jpg) using this link: 4. Copy or Move the software " MstarUpgrade.bin and boot0.jpg " to USB Flash Drive root directory. Please refer to image below. I assume that your USB flash drive and software is ready at this point. So let's prepare the Coocaa 32S3N for software update. 1. Insert USB Flash to Coocaa 32S3N USB port which is located at the back of the TV. 2. On your Coocaa original remote press " MENU ". 3. Using remote navigation key find " SETUP ". 4. Then select " Software Update (USB) ". 5. Finally press right or left navigation key arrow, cancel and OK, re