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Why Android Smart TV Back and Side feel hot or Heating when touch?

Most Android TV and Smart TV user are wondering. While other really worried about why the TV feel hot or heating up when touch at the back or side. Are we really concern about fire? The warm temperature you feel when you touch your Android TV or Smart TV after a couple minutes of use is normal during the operation. It is basically due to the design. Back cabinet enclosure is made out of galvanized sheet and is relatively slim.  Therefore, the heat produces by the integrated board components and the LED backlight is more noticeable at the back cover. Heating is also not be a cause for any concern and does not indicate defect nor affecting the reliability and the lifespan of the TV. Like other electronics that produce heat when operate, the least you can do with your TV is to provide sufficient space and ventilation to shun overheat. LED Backlight Heat Emission Each diode from this backlight strips that emits lights is also producing heat. How hot do you think this LED with that light pr