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India: Coocaa 32S3U Pro Software and Firmware Update

The software and firmware as well as the step by step installation guide is now available for Coocaa 32S3U Pro. Reminder: Kindly read all the details before starting since there file name needed to be rename in order for it to run smoothly. Also, their are two different ways on how to update the software of Coocaa India 32S3U Pro. The Coocaa 32S3U Pro have two different way on how to update or upgrade it's software and firmware. The first one is using manual update while the other one is an automatic update, both is in need of USB Flash Drive. During the update or upgrade process, a progress bar appears on the screen and the light indicator will flashing red. After the update or upgrade process is completed, your TV will automatically restarted. To verify if the update or upgrade is a success, enter the Factory Menu. Check weather the software version is consistent with the upgraded software. Needed Tools: USB Flash Drive (Fat32) 8GB or 16GB Software  aml_upgrade_package.img Config