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Skyworth premium 4K Android TV Honest Review: 50UB7500, 50UB7550, 55UB7500, 55UB7550, 65UB7500 and 65UB7550

Skyworth Philippines use the latest Google Android operating system to it’s premium 4K TV lineup which includes the following models; 50UB7500 50UB7550 55UB7500 55UB7550 65UB7500 65UB7550 All of the above TV models operating system are based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones, foldable, tablet and adapt to TV’s. It is also known as Android OS for TV. Is Android TV a Smart TV? A smart TV is a digital television that is, essentially, an Internet-connected, storage-aware computer specialized for entertainment. Smart TVs are available as stand-alone products. Android TV’s work much the same as their Smart TV’s counterparts in a manner that   both are able to connect to the internet. However, Android TV has a lot more apps available since it has an access to the Google Play Store. This way the end user can enjoy the applications typically found o