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How to update Skyworth 40E2000 and 40E2000D Android LED TV?

This is How to Update Skyworth 40E2000  or 40E2000D Android LED TV Software and Firmware into newer version with picture and video. Also, below of this post include the step by step video on how to update Skyworth 40E2000  or 40E2000DAndroid LED TV. 1. Download Skyworth 40E2000 and Skyworth 40E2000D Software (install.img). 2. Open download location. 3. Transfer the filename "install" to USB's root directory .  4. Insert the Flash Disk Drive on USB Port After we obtain the software, move it inside USB flash disk drive root file. Insert the flash disk drive to Skyworth 40E2000 or 40E2000D USB port. Please refer to above image. 5. Enter the Factory Setting To enter “Factory Settings”, you need to have at least the original Skyworth remote control as minimum requirements. On your remote press “Source” button then follow by numeric keys “3”, “1”, “9”, “5” stra

Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K Android LED TV Helpful Review

There is a new flagship on the LED TV and we are all excited to put our first impression about this model. The new flagship belongs to Skyworth Premium UHD 4K Android TV and today we'll be reviewing 55UB7500. Product Description Screen Size: 55-inch Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160(UHD,4K) Panel Type: 4K IPS Digital TV: ISDB-T Skyworth 55UB7500 Android Operating System The all new Skyworth 55UB7500  comes powered by an Android Operating System Version 8.0.0 to compliment it's key features so user make out of it. Skyworth 55UB7500 Design Before anything else, we will start with it's appearance since it was the first thing people have appreciate.  Skyworth 55UB7500 Premium UHD 4K TV comes with an infinity Screen, while the design is sleek and simple. With 55UB7500 infinity design you can watch ENDLESS TV shows, series and movies on Netflix. Without anyone stopping you! The Skyworth logo is perfectly place at the center of the 55UB7500 b

What is Skyworth Android TV? Skyworth Android Smart LED TV fully explained.

Getting the most out of your Skyworth TV nowadays means having a way to interact the world using apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and more, plus the ability to play online games. In addition to that, your TV must have the capacity to download, install and uninstall various applications from Google play store where you will find thousands of both paid and free apps for specifically design for TV. Pre-installed and downloaded applications are align horizontally across the TV screen. What is Skyworth Android TV? Skyworth Android TV  is a version of Skyworth Smart TV that comes with Google Android operating system that specially configured for TVs. That description, however, doesn’t really convey how different Skyworth Android TV is from Android. Instead of being greeted by a screen full of apps or widgets like search, weather, or stocks, Skyworth Android TV’s home screen puts a focus on helping you discover the content you can enjoy on your TV — whether it’s thro