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June 29 Coocaa Philippines Payday Flash Sale Schedule

Payday is here and so is Coocaa Philippines June FLASH SALE this coming June 29 beginning at 9 A.M. onwards for as low as 5,900. Coocaa Flash Sale Participating Products! Coocaa 50S5G Coocaa 43S5G Coocaa 40S5G Coocaa 40S3N Coocaa 32S3N Coocaa 32W4 COOCAA 50S5G - 50 Inch 4K Android Smart LED TV - Slim Wifi Ultra HD  Product details of COOCAA 50 Inch 4K Android Smart LED TV - Slim Wifi Ultra HD (Model 50S5G) Best Value ANDROID LED TV UHD (3840*2160) Clear and Bright 50 inch LED screen with UHD Panel Smart Audio with DTS Trusurround (DDT+) Smart Android 8.0 1 HDMI 1.4  2 HDMI 2.0 1 USB 2.0 1 USB 3.0 SPIDIF out Customer Verified Purchase Review By monami M. AMAZING PRODUCT & CUSTOMER SERVICE: i honestly made a mistake and gave them bad review because I measured tge TV incorrectly and thought it was 43 Inch rather than 50 Inch, when I called the customer service, they've taught me how to measure the TV correctly and it was really 50

Coocaa 40S3N 40 Inches Full HD LED Netflix TV) Helpful Guide and Review (43S3N, 32S3N)

This post is also applicable for both Coocaa 43S3N and Coocaa 32S3N. Since they are similar in many ways and share the same technology. The only difference between the model 43S3N, 40S3N and 32S3N is the screen size. I made this post to answer the question of my reader. And I swear this is not a crappy marketing review which only praises the product. Therefore, aside from the product feature expect me to write also about the Coocaa 40S3N problem that I encounter during the test. I try to be honest, unbiased and answer all your possible questions. So let's begin… Coocaa 40S3N (43S3N, 32S3N) 2K LED TV introduce in the Philippines via online market at very affordable price. It also (Coocaa 40S3N, 43S3N, 32S3N) dubed as Digital Netflix TV, as opposed to Coocaa 40S5G which is none Netflix TV despite of being a bearer of Google Android Operating System. Likewise, Coocaa 40S3N (43S3N, 32S3N) is none Android TV. Rather, it comes running on top of Linux operating system. Aside