Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. Two years warranty main parts (Panel, Drive Board, CPU Board), other parts one(1) year warranty upon purchase date, Thirty (30) days replaceable under normal use and six(6) months warranty and seven (7) days replaceable for all DVD PLAYERS, PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS, EARPHONE, and HOME THEATER.

2. For any products defect within terms of warranty, customer can go to Skyworth Service Center and bring Skyworth Warranty Certificate for free check-up and repair.

3. Accessories (e.g. remote control, wall bracket, USB, and freebies) are not included in the service warranty.

4. Installation:

4.1. Each new product purchased entitles customer to one-time demonstration service on the functions and usage of the product, the proof of purchase must be presented during visit prior to the demonstration;

4.2. For TV wall mount installation, customer should be responsible for determining the condition of the wall before actual installation by Skyworth Service Center. Skyworth will not be responsible for any damage caused by insufficient wall load, such as marble or glass wall.

4.3. Installation is not applicable on suspension type, or gypsum board, or other walls which cannot meet the wall installation requirements.

4.4. For any LCD / LED TV Wall Bracket, additional Php1000 for 24-inch to 47-inch and Php1200 for 50-inch and above as installation charge.

5. Warranty Certificate and Purchase Receipt will not be re-issued if lost.

6. Warranty does not apply with respect to the following conditions;

6.1 Products which have been altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than SPC authorized service center in a manner which has affected their performance, stability or reliability;

6.2 Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lightning, or other natural disaster or voltage instability or other force majeure;

6.3 Defects or damaged caused by abuse, negligence, misuse, or failure to observe the instructions contained in the manual furnished at the time or original purcahse;

6.4 Without Warranty Card or Purchase Receipt;

6.5 Any alteration on the Warranty Card or Purchases Receipt;

6.6 Product out of Warranty;

6.7 Any of the Warranty seals are broken or shows evidence of tampering.

Skyworth Warranty Certificate

Every effort has been made in the development of this product to be free from any defect either in materials or workmanship. However, dure to circumstances beyond the manufacturer's control, there may be a few cases where abnormalities do happen.

Should servicing during warranty period, just bring the product to an authorized Skyworth Service Center near you together with the official receipt of purchases. You may also contact Skyworth Service Hotline at (02) 491-8000 or (02) 555-1555. Skyworth will repair or replace any defective component, free of charge, subject to terms and conditions stated in the back of the card.

Skyworth (Philippines) Corporation offers this warranty as the only remedy available to the original retail purchaser for the correction of defects that may arise during the warranty period. Correction of defects shall be considered as fulfillment of all liabilities of SPC to the original purchaser. Under no circumstances shall SPC be held liable for any damage or consequence that may arise as a result of using this Skyworth Product.


1. Please carefully keep this Warranty Certificate and your purchase receipt (Sales Invoice or Official Receipt); these two will be your warranty proof.

2. Please dial our Customer Service Hotline (02) 8555-1555 when you have any concern or problems during product use, we'll provide our excellent service to you immediately.

3. Home service is limited to 29 inch LCD LED models and above, other models or products (including 19 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch LED/LCD TV, DVD player, portable DVD, Earphone, Home Theater, etc.) below 29 inch shall be on "carry-in" basis.

4. Coverage: Within the territory of the Republic of the Philippines.

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