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Wireless Connection: Laptop and Desktop to Skyworth Google TV

If you want to stream content from your laptop or desktop to your Skyworth Google TV, casting is the easiest way to go. Casting allows you to mirror your device's screen, browser tab or send an individual files such as photos, videos, music to your Skyworth TV. Aside from casting there are a few different ways to connect a laptop and desktop to Skyworth Google TV wirelessly. But as mention earlier, the best and the easiest method if you have Skyworth Google TV is Cast Screen using CastPlayTV App, a pre-installed application inside your Skyworth Google TVs.  To use the CastPlayTV App normally, you need to download and install the latest version of Google Chrome browser on your Desktop or Laptop. However, if you have an existing chrome browser installed Laptop or Desktop, be sure to update it to the latest version. Make sure your Laptop or Computer and Skyworth Google TV is connected to the same Local Area Network or Home Network. It is better to set  your WLAN router to 5G mode, and