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How to Enter Coocaa S3U Series Factory Settings and Reset the TV: Out Factory Reset

I understand why you stumble upon on this post it's because you're looking for information on how to enter Coocaa S3U Series Smart Coolita TV factory settings. And we all know that accessing factory settings may risk your Coocaa Smart Coolita TV as they can contain sensitive information and when modify them incorrectly could damage your Coocaa TV. How to reset Coocaa S3U Smart Coolita TV On this post we will show you a step by step guide on how to reset a Skyworth S3U Series Smart Coolita TV. Made it easy using an actual images on an actual act of factory reset. We also knew that a different TV model has a different way on how to hard reset it into it's factory default settings. The following models are as follows; Coocaa 32S3U Smart Coolita TV Coocaa 40S3U Smart Coolita TV Coocaa 43S3U Smart Coolita TV Coocaa 55S3U Pro Smart Coolita TV On this guide, I assume you're Coocaa S3U Series Smart Coolita TV (32S3U, 40S3U, 43S3U, 55S3U Pro) is turn on. And do the following; Fi

Amazon Prime Video Coocaa TV Problem S3U Series: Something went wrong

Your family members settling in front of the Coocaa TV for a night of streaming. Only to be greeted by the dreaded "Something went wrong  Please try again later. For more help, go to " message from your TV screen. An actual image of customer TV experiencing error with prime video. We in Coocaa Philippines know the frustration. Therefore, fellow Amazon Prime Video enthusiast, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to troubleshoot and vanquish this error! Reminder, this problem and solution may only occurred on Coocaa Coolita Smart TV the S3U Series which are as follows; Coocaa 32S3U Smart Coolita TV Coocaa 40S3U Smart Coolita TV Coocaa 43S3U Smart Coolita TV Coocaa 55S3U Pro Smart Coolita TV Amazon Prime Video Issues, Error Code and Fix First: The magic restart Restart your  Coocaa S3U Series Smart TV , sometimes, a simple reboot or restart can work wonders. Also, by turning off your TV and router or modem for at least 60 seconds, then power th

Coocaa 40S3U Smart LED TV Review and Unboxing

On this post, we will go beyond a normal product review by dissecting every parts and components of the new Coocaa 40S3U Smart LED TV. It is running on top of Coolita OS or Coocaalite 1.0.0. and first in the Philippines. Yet it first to introduced in India about a year ago. The version available in the market now is equipped with Coocaalite 1.0.0 OS system version 2.0. Unboxing Coocaa 40S3U Smart TV Here is the actual image of Coocaa 40" Smart TV with model name "40S3U". It offers us easy access to entertainment such as prime video, YouTube, Casting and many more. What's inside the box? Upon opening, you will be greeted with the stylish stand, free wall bracket and a bag full of other accessories such as the warranty certificate, S3U Series Manual, Remote, Battery and Screw. Above image are the actual image of accessories found inside the box of Coocaa 40S3U Smart TV. These include the following; thank you letter, remote, battery, screw, pair of stand, warranty certi