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Do-it-yourself: How to change your Skyworth LED TV Mainboard with Illustration and Actual photo.

Having mainboard problem or system damaged is not that really frustrating as everyone think. You just need a new mainboard, a screw driver, a static wrist band and your good to go! In this post we will answer the question, "How to change LED TV mainboard?" It made easy because it comes with actual photo illustration. So here we go... 1. First lay the TV on the flat surface. It's better to put a soft cushion on the screen. Do it very carefully, else the screen will break. With positive screw driver unscrew all the screw to open the back cover. Please refer to image below.  2. Carefully remove the connector. I suggest to take a picture first before disconnecting connector. It will help you in the future. 3. Please be very careful disconnecting LVDS connectors. If damaged, line on screen appears, you wont like it. 4. Using screw driver, unscrew the defective mainboard. Do it carefully. 5. Check for any foreign materials before