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How to become a Clever TV Buyer: List of important things to be consider buying a new LED TV.

Buying a new TV regardless the brand is really frustrating nowadays especially when it comes to after sales service. Since TV's is an electronic and electricity powered appliances, when it going to crash and malfunction is unpredictable. Therefore, for you to avoid the future frustrations here are some helpful tips to consider before you buy TV here in the Philippines. Buy TV with huge numbers of Service Centers. The more the service center the TV brand have connected with, the better. Why? Because, it has a competition between service centers. And since service centers is a third party player and not really own or connected to the TV brand, the turn around time when you get the service is more faster. Look only for TV brand with established service center in you area. Like as discussed earlier, the life of your TV is unpredictable, it will crash and malfunction anytime regardless what brand it is. Therefore, an easy access to after sales service is truly important. Buy