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Metz 55MUC8500Z (2120247ME) 4K Pure HDR Android 10 TV Review!

  The all new Metz 55MUC8500Z  comes with 120Hz refresh rate Infinity Screen 4K Android TV and Far Field voice control. 120Hz Infinity Screen, Borderless Design.             Android 10.0, With Far Field Voice Control. Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine. 120Hz MEMC Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation. Enhances video quality by delivering real-life movement at 120Hz. An intelligent upgrades low - frame content to high - frame videos by inserting extra frames.  Thus, motion becomes more fluid. With a high - end display integrated with MEMC technology, fast - moving, action - packed scenes look crisp with no blurring. Android 10.0 Operating System User interface friendly. Lastest Video Coding Technology-AV1. FF Google Assistant / AIOT. What is AV1 Latest Decoding? Being equipped with the latest generation of video codec standard - AV1, the compression rate can be increased by 30%, making video playing faster under the same image compression quality. Far Field Voice Control. Voice con