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Turning Off Skyworth STC3 Series Factory Mode & Factory Secret Code

The “M” logo located at the upper left corner facing the TV means that TV “Factory Mode” is turn “ON”. Please refer to the image above. (It is not a defect but little annoying.) To remove the ” M “ appear on the upper left corner of the TV, just turn “Factory Mode OFF”  please refer to the image above for  your reference. This guide will work and tested to all Skyworth STC3 Series which includes 32STC3210. 32STC3200, 40STC3210, 40STC3200, 43STC3210 and 43STC3200. It also applicable to Coocaa 32S3M, 40S3M, 43S3M and all other China mainboard using "menu 1147" factory code. So pay attention... How to turn off M on Screen? The M on your screen is refer to the "Factory Mode" is turned "ON" and it is not a sign of defect. To turn off the Factory Mode, you need to access it by doing the following; Enter "Factory Setting" using factory code " Menu 1147". Locate "Factory Mode On". Using right arrow on your remote to "Turn Off Fa