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How to Update Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV Software and Firmware?

Here is the complete illustrated guide on how to update your Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV software and firmware. The process will consume some 15 minutes of your time. So let's begin... Tools needed for "Software and Firmware" update Before we proceed, we need to prepare the following tool such as the following, Computer, internet connection, brave browser, USB flash drive, screw drive and a static wrist. We use computer that is connected to the internet to download and extract zip file. Yes, I am encouraging you to use Brave browser since it is far more faster than Google Chrome. USB flash drive is where we move and store the software. It should be formatted as "Fat 32". While screw driver is use to open the TV back cover. To avoid static shock that may ruin the main, I advice you to wear static wrist band. Now that we have the tool ready, we need to have the downloaded software. Please be careful and don't download the wrong job number for you