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Skyworth AI TV 55XA8000 and 65XA8000 Review!

Skyworth AI TV 55XA8000 and 65XA8000, is a specially designed OLED Android TV, 4.7mm ultra slim body and super contrast, representing the peak designing and revolutionary PQ technology in TV industry. With 55XA8000 and 65XA800 AI TV smart home control allow you to control everything in your smart home from your vacuum cleaner to your lights. CHAMELEON EXTREME Chameleon Extreme is Skyworth's new picture improvement technology. It uses AI technology to search, recognize and reconstruct images, so as to improve the picture quality perfectly. ANDROID TV Running on the Android TV Operating System for the best combination of content and apps available for your TV. Discover the perfect combo of picture & entertainment.  AI MOTION COMPENSATION AI algorithm is used to analyze two adjacent frames, and predict the trajectory of the object motion, so as to generate a new frame, which can bring double refresh rate. It can show up to 120 pictures per second, reje