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How to update Skyworth 50E2000 or 50E2000D Android LED TV?

How to Update Skyworth 50E2000 and Skyworth 50E2000D  Android LED TV Software and Firmware into newer version with picture and video. Also, below of this post include the step by step video on how to update Skyworth 50E2000 or 50E2000D Android LED TV. 1. Download Skyworth 50E2000 and 50E2000D Software.( ) 2. Open download location. 3. Transfer the filename "install" to USB's root directory. 4. Insert the Flash Disk Drive on USB Port. 5. Then follow the instructional video below; . Insert the Flash Disk Drive on USB Port After we obtain the software, move it inside USB flash disk drive root file. Insert the flash disk drive to Skyworth 50E2000 or 50E2000D USB port. Please refer to above image. 5. Enter the Factory Setting To enter “Factory Settings”, you need to have at least the original Skyworth remote control as minimum requirements. On your remote press “Source” button then follow by numeric keys “3”, “