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Skyworth AI TV: Skyworth MasterMind Chipset

Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem MasterMind Chipset drives all the engines to the maximum potential, including ecosystem. That is why Skyworth AI TV has introduced Alexa ecosystem into Android TV and promoted the integration of two major global ecosystems, Google and Amazon. AI voice commands will be more intelligent and sophisticated and support more than 10 rounds of intelligent conversation. With AIOT function, Skyworth AI TV becomes the center of your Smart Home. Acoustic Instrument Audio The best picture must be accompanied by great audio performance. MasterMind Chipset integrates several top-class audio technologies with dedicated speaker units to deliver the high fidelity audio quality. High Resolution Dynamic Bass and 360 degree immersive effect realize cinematic experience at home. Aesthetic Image Picture Exploiting the advantage of OLED panel, MasterMind Chipset is capable to fine-tune all pictures in every aspect down to pixel by pixel. Pixel-level AI Tuning p