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Reasons you BUY Skyworth 4K Google TV!

Skyworth has been at the forefront of key international hi-tech corporations since 1988. And through the years, Skyworth was known to be one of the world's top 5 TV brands.  Once again this year 2022, Skyworth have set another benchmark by introducing a flicker free and low blue light Google TV. Leading the future in the field of smart home appliances and information technology. The 2022 Skyworth 4K Google TV 3 main features includes Eye Care Features, Google TV and Picture Quality. Eye Care EYE CARE starts from eye protection, indicating that the SKYWORTH protects the eyes of users, and also pays attention to the users themselves. Refining the meaning of protection and care jointly conveyed by CARE and LOVE, and conveying the brand's eye protection function to protect users' eyes, not only the protection of users' health, but also SKYWORTH's love for users themselves. Three Main Hazards Of Electronic Products Flicker Flicker is a major cause of eye strain. Blue Lig