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Android and Smart TV Solution to the problem YouTube App is no longer available on this device.

YouTube has formally  to the restrict the use of YouTube App to all AOSP (Android Open Source Project) TV and Smart TV products worldwide, end users will truly face disappointments. For Smart and Basic TV, buying an Android TV Smart BOX is highly recommended to enjoy both YouTube, Netflix and other android app available to Google Play Store. Below is the link to the product. View Product Review:   MX PRO 4K (Android 7.1) 1GB/8GB World max international best custom internet digital tv converter ott 4k smart android tv box 4GHz WiFi Media Player Set Top Box PK T9 T95Q Android Tv box 4k Smart BOX Android 7.1 4K HD 3D 2.4G WiFi PK h96 max X96 Tv Box What are the Skyworth AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Models? Before we begin, we need to address what is an AOSP or Android Open Source Project? As stated on AOSP is; Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices and a corresponding open source project led by Google. Thi