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This is Skyworth Double Door 180L Refrigerator Review (With Picture)

Skyworth South Africa unveil it's first model of 180L Double Door Refrigerator for South African home appliances market. Based on my own personal experience of the previous model of Skyworth Refrigerator which I still using until now, I can say that, Skyworth Refrigerator really offers near - perfect temperature management and enough features to fit anyone's needs. It comes with an adjustable shelves to slide out smoothly. Skyworth 180L Double Door Refrigerator bins on its door are adjustable, perfect storage of beverages.  At the time of writing Skyworth 180L Double Door Refrigerator offers in different country such as South Africa, Nepal and soon in the Philippines this coming September. The Skyworth 180L Double Door Refrigerator handle has a mechanism that makes it easier to open, especially when the freezer's packed to the gills. Also, it main freezer compartment has an adjustable and removable divider, giving you a maximum flexibility when your loading it