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How to Fix Your Skyworth Smart TV Stuck or Hang on the Logo Problem

Night, it's TV time, gather in-front with snacks, turn on the Skyworth Smart TV (Google TV or Android TV) , and... wait a minute. Nothing it happening, boohoo, it's stuck and hanging the screen logo. But it responding on remote, power button. Don't despair! Before you call Skyworth service center , here are some solutions you can try to get your Skyworth TV back up and running: The Gentle Approach: Unplug and Replug The classic "turn it off and on again" method applies to Skyworth TVs too. Disconnect the Skyworth TV from the power outlet for at least 60 seconds enough to drain all the stored power in there, then plug it back in to the power source and wait for it to fully boot up. This can clear temporary glitches and power issues. Check Connections Grounded USB and loose cables can disrupt the signal and cause the TV to freeze. Unplug USB Flash Drive and ensure all HDMI cables, RCA, Antenna and other connections are secure, both at the TV and the source device (c

DIY Repair and Trouble shooting guide for Common LED TV Problem

All LED TV brand is prone to defect and no such thing as tough LED TV. Remember they're all made with the same material and powered with electricity. However, quality may vary with workmanship. Currently the following LED TV brand that is available and well know to the market nowadays are the following; Samsung, Sony Bravia, Apple TV, LG, TCL, Haier, Sharp, Sanyo, Skyworth, Toshiba, Devant, Hisense, Xenon, Prestiz, Pensonic, Promac, Nova, N. Vision, H.K. TV, Panasonic, National, EZY, and many more Chinese brand TV. I write this article for one thing in mind. That is to help you getting out of the frustrations or give you an idea of what is really happening on your LED TV, here are the complete list of problem or defect you are currently encountering or might be encountered in the future. So let's get started... Black Light Bleeding Please refer to those encircled white spot near the edge of the TV is known as backlight bleeding. This scene should be all black and