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Skyworth SUE8000 QLED Pro Series Review: A Google TV Powerhouse and SM Appliances Exclusive

A powerhouse Google TV and SM Appliances exclusive 2024 models. The Skyworth SUE8000 series is a prime example, packing QLED Pro technology, Google TV, and Dolby Atmos sound into a sleek and stylish package. Comes available in 50", 55", and 65" variant to choose, surely there's a Skyworth SUE8000 QLED Pro Google TV to fit in any living room and budget. Picture Quality: Punchy Colors and Deep Blacks The Skyworth SUE8000 uses QLED Pro technology, which delivers brighter, more vibrant colors than traditional LED TVs. This is especially noticeable in HDR content, where highlights pop and shadows retain their detail. The Chameleon Extreme 2.0 picture engine further enhances the image, with features like Super Resolution and AI Self-Adaption that upscale content and optimize settings for different types of scenes. One of the standout features of the Skyworth SUE8000 Google TV series is its wide color gamut. Thanks to its QLED Pro panel, it can reproduce over 1 billion colo

Skyworth Philippines Super TVs Product Lineup 2022 SUE Series

Skyworth Philippines hosted an event with the theme " Transform your World" were a new product launch and a national tour showcasing 2022 Super TVs product lineup SUE Series QLED+ TV - an industry-leading products with unique and cutting-edge technologies pioneering in Southeast Asia. The SUE Series which are the events' highlight model, is the industry's first eye care Google TV. These feature in my opinion is very significant nowadays, because it assists them in preventing long-termed eye damage brought on by flickering screen. Another highlight is the 2 in 1 TV or the transformable TV which enables free stretching and transformation of the entire screen from its original flat form to curved form. Depending on your preferred viewing distance, you can change the curvature from 3.5 meters to 1 meter. Complete List of 2022 Skyworth Super TV Lineup Below is the actual images and complete list of 2022 Skyworth Super TVs, from the smallest 32-inch Smart TV up to the gigan