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Skyworth Google TV Review the SUE6700 Series with Actual Unit

The Skyworth SUE6700 Google TV for eye and for you comes with seven (7) different sizes to choose from. It's smallest variant will featuring a 43-inch boundless screen 4.0 display and to be known as the 43SUE6700. And the largest variant of this series will featuring a  86-inch boundless screen design to be known as the Skyworth Google TV 86SUE6700. Therefore, in between there will be a 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 70-inch and 75-inch variants, or the 50SUE6700, 55SUE6700, 65SUE6700, 70SUE6700, 77SUE6700 and 75SUE6700 respectively. All of the mentioned Skyworth Google TV variant will be introduced in India and Philippines. It is similar to the Skyworth G22F variant in China, 43G22F, 50G22F, 55G22F, 65G22F, 70G22F, 77G22F, 75G22F and 86G22F. Skyworth Google TV SUE6700 Series Design, Features and Specs All of the Skyworth Google TV variant, the SUE6700 series will featuring a boundless screen 4.0 that enable a higher screen to body ratio, all metal back plate, a twin towers design stan