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How to Connect Coocaa LED TV with Digital Audio Output to your existing Analog Speaker?

All brand new Coocaa LED TV nowadays comes with Digital Audio output and it is really frustrating if your existing speaker at home is only compatible with analog connector, 3.5 mm jack. In this post " Connecting Coocaa Google TV Digital Audio to 3.5mm Jack Old Analog Speaker " we will provide you the answer. So, worry no more, after so many try I finally found the compatible and exact product you needed to connect your digital output to your existing speaker that comes with 3.5mm analog jack. Thanks to this affordable Digital Optical to Analog Audio Converter 3.5mm Jack Adapter, I solve this problem and happy to share with you! Where to buy an Analog to Digital Converter? Here is the exact link of the product (₱147.00 Only) ( digital audio to analog audio converter ), it's from Lazada and based on my own experience delivery would take around 2 days from the date of purchase. The converter is really affordable, just around 250 pesos fiat currency. How to  Connect Coocaa L