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Slow Internet Connection Issue

If your experiencing the same issue as showed on this article (above photo), you're likely experiencing a low internet connection. And it doesn't mean Smart Digital TV has a problem.  We encounter the same exact issue and found out that the culprit was the slow internet connection based on our speed test.  See photo below. To do? Check your ISP (internet service provider) bandwidth Lessen your bandwidth usage Call you ISP

Skyworth Skyshare Other Term

The SkyShare also called as the following terms below; Wifi Direct - Generic name Screen Mirroring - for Samsung and Sony Miracast – for LG Cast Screen, TV Link, Wireless Display, TVTo - for other China Brand Phones ( Lenovo, Asus, MyPhone, Cherry Mobile,etc) Note: Not all phones with WI-FI DIRECT is compatible with our Skyshare. This is also happens even with other brands.

Step by Step Procedure to Update Skyworth 32E390i and 32E380i Software

Step by Step Procedure to Update Skyworth 32E390i and 32E380i Software Download the software: 1. Copy the software to USB flash drive and Insert to TV USB port. 2. Plug the TV to electrical outlet and turn it on. 3. On your remote press "source" and keyin the four digit combination. (Source + ****) 4. Arrow down and select "OTHER OPTION" 5. Press arrow right ">>" 6. Arrow down again and select "UPDATE" 7. Press "OK" on your remote. 8. Wait to progress to finish.

Converting PSU of 168P-P47ELL to 168P-P50ELL and vice versa

Interchange power supply board connector with red mark.

How to fix 32E510S inverted image using software.

1. Extract the zip file 2. "Old 32E510S" and "New 32E510S" folder came out. 3. Copy the "MstarUpgrade.bin" file from "New 32E510S" folder to an empty flash disk(fat32) . 4. Power on the TV with inverted image. 5. Insert Flash Drive to any TV USB port. 6. On remote press "MENU" button. 7. On TV Screen select "function" and press "OK" button. 8. Using the scroll down button on your remote look for "Software Upgrade (USB)" and press "OK" 9. Progress bar will appear and wait to finish. 10. If there's no changes. Please repeat number 3 step, this time use MstarUpgrade.bin file from "Old 32E510S" folder. Make sure the first file will deleted.

Panel Warranty Claim Procedure

1. Take the whole photo of the unit Main Unit 2. Take a focus picture for the defect Defect 3. Take photo of the main unit serial number (serial number that located on TV's back cover) Serial Number Main Unit 4. Take photo of the panel serial number (serial number found after removing the unit back cover) Panel Serial Number 5. Take photo of panel PCBI serial number (commonly it attach on panel) PCBI Serial Number