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Coocaa Authorized Service Center in Cebu

What is Skyworth TV Brand Skyworth is a company that was founded by Chinese investors in 1988 and is based in the Nansha High-tech Park in Shenzhen, China. Skyworth business includes the development and manufacturing of 3C (communication, computer, consumer) digital products, etc.. And in the year 2011, Skyworth has been officially launched here in the Philippines, known as Skyworth Philippines.  What is Coocaa TV Brand While on the other hand the Coocaa brand which is also known as Kukai, was founded in 2006 by Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronic Co., Ltd. Coocaa the Smart TV brand owned (subsidiaries) by Skyworth has been officially launched here in the Philippines last March of 2019, become known as Coocaa Philippines.  Skyworth v.s. Coocaa What is their Differences? Skyworth Philippines and Coocaa Philippines is governed with two different management, meaning they are not related in many aspects. Skyworth Philippines focused to sell it's product on a traditional brick and mortar s