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How to update Skyworth 32TB5000 and 32TB5050 (Software Link Inside)

This is a complete tutorial on how to Update Skyworth 32TB5000 2K Netflix Smart TV and Skyworth 32TB5050 2K Netflix Smart TV software and firmware into newer version. To made it easy, this post comes with an actual images walk through the process. Download link is also included inside. So let's begin! Step by step guide "How to update Skyworth 32TB5000 and 32TB5050" 1. Download Skyworth 32TB5000 and 32TB5050   Please refer to image below; 2. Format your USB flash drive to FAT. 3. Copy the file ( MstarUpgrade.bin ) inside your USB Flash Drive root folder. (Please do not put the software inside the folder.) 4. Insert the USB Flash Drive into TV USB 2.0 port. Please refer to image below. 5. On your remote press " MENU ". 6. By default you will be greet by " PICTURE ". Please refer to image below. 7. Using your Skyworth 32TB5000 or 32TB5050 remote navigat