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How to update or upgrade the Software and Firmware of Skyworth 43SUC7000 and Skyworth 43SUC6500 (Android 10). 7 Easy steps!

Download the  Skyworth 43SUC7000 software and firmware or Skyworth 43SUC6500 software and firmware . 1. Get a USB disk, format must be FAT32; 2. Copy or move "MstarUpgrade_no_tvcertificatetvconfig_20201218.bin" to USB Disk Root Directory. 3. Unplug or remove the TV from power source. 4. Insert the USB Disk containing the software to USB 2.0 port of the TV. 5. Press the power button of the TV and plug it to the power source. 6. Do not loosen or hold the button until the progress bar appears. 7. Do not interrupt the update process... Below is the process on how to upgrade TV with android version 8.0 and 9.0! Otherwise, just follow the above instructions only. Important reminder: If the date is earlier than A.10.0.0_9602_H_SA_0.0.1_Wed-Jan-13_10:44:38_CST-2021, upgrade will needed four USB flash drive in for easy steps. Needed Tools: Four 8GB or 16GB USB Flash Drive (Fat32) if system version is earlier than .10.0.0_9602_H_SA_0.0.1_ Wed-Jan-13_10:44:38_CST-2021 Androi