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Skyworth 55SUD6600 Software Update for a Random Discoloration

Figure 1: Display Discoloration This is regarding to the abnormal color of the screen or flickering display that is caused by the software bug " MP05 SA R5.1 ", and is currently affecting units here in the country. Affected units is as follows; 55SUD6600 There are two different ways on how to update the TV software of  Skyworth 55SUD6600 4K Google TV , first method is an automatic update and the second method, is a manual update. Yet, both is by using USB Flash Disk Drive. However, the automatic method couldn't upgrade using the same version of the software. While the manual method will able to repeat it's upgrade using the same version of the software. Below are the tools needed for manual software update. Tools for Manual Update USB Flash Drive (FAT32) Skyworth 55SUD6600 Latest Software Update Step by step guide for Automatic Software Update Download the Skyworth 55SUD6600 Latest Software Update here:

How to Software Update Skyworth 55SUD6600 4K Android TV?

This post provides you a step by step guide on how to update the software of your  Skyworth 55SUD6600 4K Android TV . You can also " update 55SUD6600 over the internet ". So please pay attention on every details, lets begin. Read more >>>

Skyworth 55SUD6600 4K Android 10 TV Review!

   1. Infinity Screen, Borderless Design  2. Android 10.0, With Far Field Voice Control  3. Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine SKYWORTH is a technology leader of 8 Year Evolution of Infinity Screen,first Brand Launched this advanced design in Philippine Market on 2019. Less Frame, Wider Screen Android 10.0 Operating System User interface friendly. Lastest Video Coding Technology-AV1. FF Google Assistant / AIOT. What is AV1 Latest Decoding? Being equipped with the latest generation of video codec standard - AV1, the compression rate can be increased by 30%, making video playing faster under the same image compression quality. Far Field Voice Control. Voice control beyond 5 meter distance, easy control wherever you are. Farewell to remote control. Google Ecological AIOT Platform One button interconnection makes it easy to control all your appliances at home. Commands like "Start cleaning the room', "Open the air conditioner", "Turn on the living room lights".