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How to Hard reset Skyworth Smart TV?

How to reset Skyworth LED TV to factory default settings? But before we proceed, let us learn what is the difference between "hard reset" and "factory reset". A hard reset, is also known as a the factory reset, is a restoration of a device to it's factory state. By initiating the hard reset expect all your settings and installed applications will being removed. However, all pre-installed will retain. Therefore, "hard reset" is also pertain to as a "factory reset" or a factory reset is also a hard reset. Here are the illustrated guide and step by step procedure on how to hard reset your Skyworth LED TV.  Different TV model has a different way on how to hard reset it into it's factory default settings. In this post I will try to include all the new model of TV. How to hard reset the Skyworth 43TB5000? 1. Enter the factory settings. To enter on your remote press "Source 3 1 9 5". 2. Using your remote navigation key