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How do I avail my Skyworth TV warranty if I lost the receipt?

On today's post let us talk about warranty. And as stated by the law here in the Philippines warranty is set to a minimum time frame of six months and a maximum time frame of one year. In this post we will also discuss some important point of view and try to answer some common question regarding the Skyworth warranty. What is a Skyworth warranty? How to avail a warranty? What does a warranty cover? What are your rights as customer in terms of Skyworth warranty? What can you do if you lost your proof of purchase or receipt? And what are the things you should look for with regard in filling complaint to DTI? What is a Skyworth warranty? As define warranty is also know as the "written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts”. Simply it is contract between the customer and the seller or the manufacturer. Skyworth Philippines provide 2 years limited warranty to it's LED TV