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Skyworth South Africa E6 Series Review!

You've probably confused, how on this world I know the Skyworth E6 series of South Africa.   Skyworth E6 Series is a budget friendly line up and was perfect Skyworth Android LED TV for South African residence who is looking for an affordable yet quality product. However, Skyworth South Africa E6 Series currently experiencing some issues regarding Neflix only on the E6 series but I can provide you with assistance regarding the installation.  Ok, before we proceed to our main topic, "How to Install Netflix on  Skyworth South Africa E6 Series"  I would like to share with you first the specification of Skyworth FHD ANDROID TV.   A new Android 9 operating is now available for Skyworth UHD TV model 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D. For more details kindly visit this post  How to Install the Latest Android 9 OS to Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D UHD TV? Skyworth South Africa E6 Series Specification OS:  Android Oreo 8.0 Design:   Slim Body Processor: