24LP80 Skyworth Portable TV 24-inch Review

The all new 24LP80 Skyworth Portable TV 24-inch Full HD is a perfect companion for outside activities like camping and team building. It's also a perfect entertainment for individual practicing off-the-grid living or van-life. 24LP80 Skyworth 24 inches Portable TV The overall design is similar to an old-fashioned radio, with a thick body, wide frame, mainly black, and mostly made of plastic. SKYWORTH 24LP80 a 24 inches portable TV offers the perfect blend of portability and size, with a large enough screen to be used as a household television, yet compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere. Above is an actual image of 24LP80 Skyworth Portable TV a 24 inches full HD TV stocks in our warehouse for review and soon for sale. What's inside the Box? Inside the box are, Google TV Remote , 4 specialized screw, battery, 3M doubled sided tape, adaptor and power cord.  FRONT SPEAKER WITH DOLBY AUDIO For the front sound bar with two 8W speakers, the transmission of sound waves is not