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Your device has failed verification. System halted. Skyworth 32STD5600 Android TV Problem

This problem on your Skyworth 32STD5600 Android TV will appears upon turning on. "Your device has failed verification. System halted." Refer to the image above. This issue on Android TV is a result of unfinished automatic updates. You can install the update yourself to fix it. Software and step by step guide is available on this link:  Skyworth 32STD5600 Software and Firmware Download

Skyworth 32STD5500 Software Download | Android TV Software and Firmware Update

This update will fix the casting problem, hang on logo, standby only and many other software related problem on your Skyworth 32STD5500 2K Android TV . Tools Needed: 16GB USB Flash Drive (Fat32) Laptop or Desktop Computer Software: (upgrade_image_no_tvcertificate_tvconfig_project_id.pkg) Software Download Information and Link: You can download the updated software for Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV here >>>  Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV Software and Firmware . How to Update and Upgrade the Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV? Download the Software and Firmware with filename "upgrade_image_no_tvcertificate_tvconfig_project_id.pkg" from the link above. Format your USB Flash Drive to "FAT32". Move the downloaded file with filename "upgrade_image_no_tvcertificate_tvconfig_project_id.pkg" to USB Flash drive root directory. Insert the USB Flash drive containing the  Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV Software and Firmware into your TV USB port located at the back,

Skyworth 50SUE7600 Software Update for a Random Discoloration

This is regarding to the abnormal color of the screen or flickering display that is caused by the software bug " MP05 SA R5.1 ", and is currently affecting units here in the country. Affected units is as follows; 50SUE7600 There are two different ways on how to update the software of   Skyworth 50SUE7600 4K Google TV , first method is an automatic update and the second method, is a manual update. Yet, both is by using USB Flash Disk Drive.