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Will Skyworth Air Conditioner come to Philippines?

Skyworth Refrigerator and washing machine will come to the Philippines this year and you may see them in store display this coming July... Do aircon will come too? If does, what unique features Skyworth air-conditioning system may offer? Today, air conditioning is not a luxury, but an indispensable tool for the well-being of your family.  We went a step further and, with the introduction of SMART air conditioners, we revolutionized the operation of air conditioners. You can control your devices via WiFi from your mobile phone or tablet to have a full control over cooling and heating in your home. We have also looked at other issues related to standard air conditioning devices and have made our air conditioners better, cleaner, quieter and with the appropriate optional additions for you and your family. Below are the list of models and series Skyworth's have. So lets start... Series Apex DCI R32 Delfin's series of wall air conditioners fits perfectly in any inter