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Coocaa 40S3M Auto Green and Standby Problem Only: Problem Solved by Software Update

The defect symptoms of Coocaa 40S3M are as follows; when the TV plugin to the power source, it's light indicator turns red then green again after a while it will going back into red. Please refer to the video below; The issue (Auto Green and Standby Problem Only) is cause by a deleted or corrupted program on your TV eMMC components.  And all of this is due to a faulty antenna that cause overheating when in use. Therefore, an installation of fresh Coocaa 40S3M software and firmware updates will solved the problem. So in this post I will provide the software and guide you on how to install a fresh software and firmware to you Coocaa 32S3M easy smart TV. Step by Step Guide on how to repair Coocaa 40S3M using a Fresh Software 1. Download the Coocaa 32S3M software using the following link: Coocaa 40S3M Easy Smart TV Software get it for only $2.50! 2. Extract the "Coocaa 40S3M" . It contains the following; allupgrade_3563i_sos.bin hdcp_cvt_3563i mac_cvt_3563i 2. Mo