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Top 13 Common LED and QLED TV (LCD) Panel Defect and DIY Diagnosis Guide

On this post today, we will discuss the top 13 common LED TV Panel (LCD) defect or problems as well as the DIY defect diagnosis technique. This kind of defect is facing and experiencing by a less fortunate LED and QLED Televisions customer, no particular brand is exempted. How to prevent a LED and QLED TV from defect? Prevention is better than major repair. When it comes with Televisions, defect can be prevented when follows it's manual correctly.  Regular cleaning with a correct screen cleaning agent, regular dusting and install it in well ventilated area will also prevent TVs from breaking down to soon.  While modern Television is equipped with voltage regulators that has the ability to adapt current fluctuation from 90volts to 240 volts.  In my own experience, the use of AVR is still recommended in some area were electricity keep on fluctuating. List of all Active TV Brand Worldwide Advent Asianet Digital LED TV Agath Akai Akari Akurra Alba (Harvard) Anitech Arcam Arise India As