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Coocaa 40S3U Smart LED TV Review and Unboxing

On this post, we will go beyond a normal product review by dissecting every parts and components of the new Coocaa 40S3U Smart LED TV. It is running on top of Coolita OS or Coocaalite 1.0.0. and first in the Philippines. Yet it first to introduced in India about a year ago. The version available in the market now is equipped with Coocaalite 1.0.0 OS system version 2.0. Unboxing Coocaa 40S3U Smart TV Here is the actual image of Coocaa 40" Smart TV with model name "40S3U". It offers us easy access to entertainment such as prime video, YouTube, Casting and many more. What's inside the box? Upon opening, you will be greeted with the stylish stand, free wall bracket and a bag full of other accessories such as the warranty certificate, S3U Series Manual, Remote, Battery and Screw. Above image are the actual image of accessories found inside the box of Coocaa 40S3U Smart TV. These include the following; thank you letter, remote, battery, screw, pair of stand, warranty certi