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What is Coocaa Philippines official website: All About Coocaa

Coocaa Philippines slogan is “Play in your Style” which is to hit the PLAY button on the best contents that you love and have a great time. Coocaa is a registered trademark of the market-leading TV manufacturer Skyworth. Since 2006, coocaa brings fun to the home - with TVs that inspire around the world. In doing so, coocaa not only promotes the innovation and development of advanced technologies, but also strives for product quality that will bring a smile to customers' faces. Here in the Philippines, Coocaa was introduced four years ago to online market Lazada as a mid to high-end LED TV brand that provides high specs, high performance produtcs and great service. If you remember, those model include the following; Coocaa 40E36YC which is similar to Skyworth 40E360 and 40E36i. Infact, the software of Skyworth 40E360 can be install to Coocaa 40E36YC. Likewise, there remote control works with one another. After four years, Skyworth have once again entered into online m