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Skyworth G6-Series How to: Step by Step Android TV App Installation and Android Update

Here are the step by step guide on how to install Android TV Browser or other application from Google Play on Skyworth 55G6. This tutorials or guide is an answer post to the question "How can I install apps on my Skywort 55G6".  1. On your remote, press "HOME" button. Please refer to the above photo. 2. By pressing "HOME" button TV display will filled with the following widgets, refer to above image. On your remote, using arrow keys, navigate the Apps section and locate for "Google Play" select and press "OK". Please refer to above image. 3. Another window pane open that is similar on above image. Again find the search icon, using remote arrow up or arrow left button navigate the page, select "SEARCH ICON" then press "OK" button on your remote. Please refer to above image. 4. By press "OK" on your remote, a similar image display on your TV screen. Locate the search by and manually