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How to update 49G6, 50G2, 50G2A, 55G2 and 55G6 Netflix Keys?

There is an error that occur in Skyworth's Netflix application saying "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please check Network Settings to connect to an available network and use Netflix (-100)." However, other applications such as YouTube, Web Browser, Facebook and other internet related apps is properly working. Only the Netflix seems to be disconnected to the internet. This problem looks really frustrating and the only way to solve it for most technicians is to change the whole mainboard. If your TV still within the warranty period, no problem. But if your TV is already beyond warranty period, mainboard replacement is bit costly. On this tutorial I got something that I think will help you getting out this frustration. But this is not your conventional software, each software is intended only for one TV and cannot used again. Unit Model:   49G6, 50G2, 50G2A, 55G2, 55G6 PID:  9K04B000S000003 Build:  9K04B_G2_018.012.004_18:04:22 Panel ID:  7626_T5500C-T072 Wat