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Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 Helpful Review

The Skyworth 40TB5050 and Skyworth 43TB5050 introduce in the market as Netflix enable LED TV. This model or TB5050 series is an upgrade and a more enhance version of the late U2 series. Like it's predecessor, Skyworth TB5050 series is none Android LED TV, it is just a smart digital LED TV. Since, it is only a smart LED TV, installation of application is not permitted. However, it already bundled with 7 pre-install application such as follows; Netflix, YouTube, Smart TV App, Twitter, Facebook, MiraShare and Internet Browser. Inside Smart TV App comes the Netrange link, your passport to enjoy all the free international TV shows and movies. NETFLIX 5.1 - Leading application that allows user to enjoy famous, trend and popular movies - Thousand of movies to enjoy 1. Recommendation - it will recommend relevant content according to your viewing history 2. Customize Remote - Shortcut key in remote control for easy access - Show the remote and let our customer try one key access