How to update Skyworth 43U2 / 43U2D and Software to Newest Version?

Recently, we received reports about bugs on Skyworth's 43U2 Facebook pre-installed application. This software glitch made the user stack on "Enter a b c d" screen and cannot proceed to login. With regards to that concern we update the software for bug fixes.

In this post, we will talk more about on how to update your Skyworth's 43U2 software into newer version. Also the software package comes with firmware updates. But before we proceed, I to discuss first some the overview of 43U2 LED TV.

Skyworth 43U2 TV Overview

Skyworth 43U2 belong to the 2K LED TV family of Skyworth Philippines. Comes powered with Linux operating featuring Smart Digital Netflix TV. Aside from built in Netflix app, it has YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Forrum, Netrange, ZEASR, USB, and MiraShare.

TV Serial Number

Looking at the back of the TV, a white piece of paper stick right besides a green circle thing with the following info "Model: 43U2 and a hexadecimal character right below the bar-code" written as "1870790P00022" is known to be the TV serial number. The first 8 characters "1870790P" is called the TV job order number. And the last 5 digits is it's serial number.

Remember to pay attention with the TV job number, you need this stuff to make the upgrade successful. Otherwise you will going to ruin the whole main board into defective state. For further information, unscrew and open up the lid on the back of the TV to reveal the main board serial number if your not so convince yet. Please refer to below images;

If you are not authorized to open the Skyworth 43U2 LED TV, you might get penalized. Your TV warranty might be voided once you break the warranty seal. However, if you have the experience to gently remove the warranty seal and not breaking it, then go and proceed.

How to remove warranty seal without breaking it?

Anyway, how can you removed the TV warranty seal without breaking it? Sound very tricky but it is not. You just need a hair blower and heat it up till the sticky thing start to melt. Try it in your own risk!

Available Ports of Skyworth 43U2

Ok, going forward, ports available includes; one digital audio out, two USB 2.0 port, three HDMI port, one VGA port, one AV IN, Component IN YPbPr, Antenna IN for cable and air, LAN, and one earphone 3.5mm jack in. Truly, this model will never short your entertainment needs.

Now that we already knew the TV overview we will now ready proceed the update process for it's software and firmware. However, this update need some details to pay your full attention. Not all software is compatible to one another.

On this post, we will use the serial number 1870790P00022 and the job number "1870790P" is only compatible to S43U2XXX9M02B03D00 software ID. Wrong software inserted will bring bigger problem. Therefore, if you are not so sure call the Skyworth call center hotline number (02)555-1555 and ask for technical assistance.

43U2 Software and Job Number

This update is really critical and risky, you need to look for the right software according to it's job number. Else, you get a "System Error" as a result.

Job Number

Job Number

How to Update Skyworth 43U2 firmware and software into new version?

1. Check the Job Number of the Skyworth 43U2 located at the back of the TV.

2. If your not convince yet, open TV back cover and check for the main board's job number. Sometime back cover job number is different to the main board. (In this case they are different)

3. Download and exact software you need from "43U2 Software and Job Number", I will provide you a link to each software once it is available to cloud.

4. Format the USB flash drive to FAT 32.

5. Move the software "MstarUpgrade.bin" to the root file of the USB flash disk drive.

6. Turn off the TV, unplug it from the power source.

7. Insert the flash drive into one of the USB port.

8. Plug in the TV to power and turn it on.

9. On your remote press MENU.

10. Locate "Settings" using arrow down button.

11. Select "Software Update (USB)" using arrow left and right button and select "Enter" then press "OK".

12. Right after pressing "OK" on you remote the TV will turn off and the "progress bar" appear in less a minute.

13. Wait for the progress bar reaching 100% and the TV once again will restarts on it's own.

14. The update will take around 10 minutes to complete and it will greet you like this one!

The whole process is only 14 steps away. Good luck! 

What happen if I download the wrong software?
As I mention above, please be careful downloading the software you need (check job number carefully). Please see error with wrong software below;
Can I revert back the process?
Answer is no?


  1. Where can I get the USB flash drive?

  2. I bought a 43 inch skyworth smart TV last July, and it's sensor is very weak!! It's very hard to connect to WiFi and other devices!!

  3. Where can I get the USB flash drive?

  4. Where i will get update for 43E390S version or amazon prime for this version


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